Family hubs

Family hubs provide a single access point to integrated family support services for early help with social, emotional, physical and financial needs. Each family hub is bespoke to its local community while incorporating three key delivery principles: access, connection and relationships.

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Local advice

  1. Parenting & Family Relationships Programmes

    Our programmes provide group support, advice and guidance to parents and carers living in Rochdale to support healthy and respectful family relationships.  They are a great way to help understand different behaviours and development stages of your baby, child or teenager and understand the importance…

Local services

  1. Rochdale Family Information Service

    The Family Information Service (FIS) provides information and advice for families and practitioners working with children, young people and families.
  2. Rochdale Speech, Language and Communication Toolkit

    Rochdale’s Speech, Language, and Communication Pathway is a tool for parents and practitioners providing a range of services and strategies available to children pre-birth to 5 years old.  Practitioners please log in to see information and documents.

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Introducing Family Hubs

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