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What is SEN Support?

Special Educational Needs (SEN) can affect a child or young person’s ability to learn. They can affect their:

  • Behaviour or ability to socialise for example they struggle to make friends.
  • Reading and writing for example because they have dyslexia.
  • Ability to understand things.
  • Concentration levels for example because they have ADHD.
  • Physical ability.

Who is entitled?

If a child or young person has Special Educational Needs the educational setting for example the nursery, school or college must provide support which is additional to and different from all children or young people of a similar age. This is known as SEN support.

An educational setting has a duty to provide support to enable a child or young person to participate, learn and make progress. Settings have to take action to:

  • Remove barriers to learning
  • Put effective special educational provision in place

Who to contact

Contact the SEN Co-ordinator (SENCO) at your child's education setting (nursery, school or college)

For further advice and guidance you can contact Rochdale SENDIASS team on 01706 769634.

Last Updated: 15/01/2021
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