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Personal Budgets for children and young people

A personal budget is an amount of money we believe will deliver the provision agreed within an Education, Health and Care (EHC) plan and which is managed by the parent/carer or young person.

Personal SEN Budget

If you choose to request a personal budget you will be given an idea of the level of funding that is likely to be required to meet the provision stated in the draft EHC plan. This funding can go direct to providers or you can choose to have a personal budget to fund your own support.

Personal budgets can be provided for special educational provision (known as a personal SEN budget) and some elements of health and social care provision. The amount of a personal SEN, health or care budget is calculated using set criteria.

Please contact the EHC Team on 01706 925981 for further information.

Personal Health Budget

Continuing health care criteria is applied to determine eligibility for a personalised health budget. 

For more information please contact an appropriate health officer for example, health visitor, school nurse, designated clinical officer.

Personal Social Care Budget

The criteria is based on assessment of need. Please contact your social worker or the Children with Disabilities Team on 01706 925900 for further information.

Who makes a decision?

Following a request for a personal budget based on the EHC plan, the final decision on the amount and the provision it needs to fund will be made by our Resource Allocation Panel.

The members of the panel include education, health and social care representatives and one of our joint commissioners (who commissions services for children and young people with SEN and disabilities).

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