Parent and Carer Panels

We would love to hear from you if you are either currently expecting a baby or have a baby under the age of 2. We want to hear from a diverse group of parents and carers to ensure we listen to all voices in the community. We want to ensure that the panel is representative of a range of parenting scenarios and of Rochdale’s diverse communities.

This means you do not need to have taken part in anything like this before. If you’re willing to share your experiences of pregnancy, having a baby and accessing services then we’d love to hear from you.

What we will talk about at parent and carer panel meetings

Topics for discussion will be varied – for example, you might be asked about your experience of meeting your midwife for the first time or accessing parenting classes. You will also be invited to share any ideas you have on early years services to shape their design.

Where and when meetings will be held

We know that parents and carers are busy. We will work with the panel to find a time that works for as many of the group as possible. We will try and make the meetings as accessible as possible. They will either be face to face in a family Hub or you can attend online.

Who else will be part of the panel?

The panel will include other parents and carers like you, who are willing to speak about their current or recent experiences of expecting a baby or of having a child under 2 years old.

There will also be a facilitator and note-taker present at the sessions.

What will happen to the information you share

We are interested in your experiences. The information you share will be used anonymously to shape services in your area and help improve the quality of care that other new families receive.

We will take notes from the meetings, but no personally identifiable information will be recorded or shared beyond the meeting.

What’s in it for you?

Not only will you be contributing to ideas to improve services for you and your child in your area, but you will also be supported with crèche/childcare for meetings where necessary.

Travel fares to meetings (by public transport), refreshments in meetings, interpreting and any other accessibility requirement to enable you to fully participate in meetings/trainings.

How long you can be part of the panel

We would like you to take part and contribute to the panel for long enough to benefit from the experience. This will depend on when you decide to join, and how recent your experiences of expecting a baby or accessing services with a baby under 2 years old are.

We will agree some approximate dates with you when you join, but you are welcome to remain part of the panel for at least 6 months after your youngest child turns 2 years old.

Leaving the panel

You are free to leave the panel at any point.

Contact us

If you would to share your views and be part of a parent panel please speak to a member of staff at the family Hubs or email us at

Page last reviewed: 21/09/2023