Rochdale Borough Safeguarding Children Partnership (RBSCP)


The safety and welfare of all children - or safeguarding - is everyone's business. You could be a relative, neighbour, friend, parent, childminder, teacher or doctor - or working for any organisation which has contact with children and young people.

Most children generally enjoy a happy childhood within their own family. Unfortunately for some, this is not the case. During difficult family times, everyone who knows the child must do the best they can to keep them safe and protect them from future harm and we need to work together to make sure this happens.

Safeguarding means protecting children from physical, emotional, sexual abuse and neglect. It also means helping children to grow up into confident, healthy and happy adults.

Practitioners please log in for further information and referral form.

Worried about a child?

Are you concerned that a child has or is suffering harm, neglect or abuse?

Please call 0300 303 0440 (8am to 5pm) or 0300 303 8875 (out of office hours) to speak to someone in Rochdale’s Children’s Social Care about your concerns.

If you feel a child or young person is in immediate danger please contact the police on 999.

Thinking about running away?

If you've run away, been forced to leave home, are thinking about it or are worried about someone, there is help available.

Free 24/7 confidential runaway helpline call, text 116 000.

  • They will listen and help you work out what you want to do.
  • They can get a message home for you, set up a three way call to help with someone you need to speak to, or support you if you're ready to return.
  • They are NOT the police or social services and will NOT make you go home.

Who to contact

0300 303 0350 0300 303 0350

Where to go

Number One Riverside
Floor 4
Smith Street

OL16 1XU

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