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Association of Dance & Performing Arts (ADPA)

ADPA (The Association of Dance & Performing Arts) is a non-profit organisation.

​The Founders, Trustees, appointed Advisors to the Board and their tireless team of Support Workers all unconditionally donate their time, expertise and dedication in a strictly unpaid, voluntary capacity. Why? Because they all share the same passion to see a reduction in local crime and suffering and to improve the prospects of defined groups of young people. Identified groups include children and teenagers who, as a result of being exposed to parental / sibling alcohol or drug abuse, parental imprisonment or domestic violence are at high risk (in relation to their counterparts) of committing or experiencing:

  • anti-social behaviour​​​
  • low self-esteem​​​​​​
  • under-achieving​​​
  • emotional disorders​​​
  • behavioual problems​​​
  • severe poverty​​​​​​
  • stigma​​​​​
  • unwanted pregnancy​​​
  • exclusion from school​​​
  • long-term unemployment​​​
  • offending
  • Adult imprisonment​​​

The ADPA team is made up exclusively of those with a strong, successful and extensive background in the entertainments industry. It was therefore only natural that from the outset, the performing arts would feature strongly in project development. Over time however, a significant number of referral enquiries consisted of young people who lacked the confidence to participate on stage. To meet this demand, ADPA have more recently developed a unique programme of engaging, inspirational, creative arts projects, intelligently fused with enterprise skills.

The Arts in their many forms have long served as a proven means to divert, avert and rehabilitate people of all ages and from all walks of life, in particular arts programmes are used effectively in assisting offenders to lead a crime free life. 

At ADPA we combine innovative and engaging arts programmes with integrated enterprise / working experience skills, aiding improved employment prospects and ultimately severing the offending cycle.

Who to contact

01706 524425 / 372482
07411 234 698

Where to go

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Association of Dance & Performing Arts (ADPA)
Venue address
Baillie Street
OL16 1JG
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