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Team for Autism and Social Communication (TASC)

The TASC (Team for Autism and Social Communication) is part of the Rochdale Additional Needs Service, which is available across the Borough to support and provide advice to mainstream schools and parents for the inclusion and participation of Children and Young People (CYP). The team works closely with schools in offering advice and support for children with Autism Spectrum Condition (ASC).

How to refer to the service?

For school referrals that meet the criteria, the Team will offer the following.

 Collaborative work with schools to develop:

  • Assessment of learning and social needs
  • ASC specific strategies
  • Curriculum differentiation and removing barriers to learning
  • Transition support
  • Emotional regulation strategies for CYP
  • Alternatives to written recording

In some cases this may involve:      

  • Advice and training on strategies      
  • Loaning of ASD-specific resources      
  • Peer awareness and pupil voice activities
  • Modelling specific approaches to school staff
  • Training lunchtime supervisors
  • Training staff to plan and deliver Social Skills interventions
  • Time limited direct work with CYP

TASC also hold monthly HUBS in a number of schools across the Borough. Both schools and parents can book appointments at a HUB to meet a member of the TASC team for advice/strategies or to look at available resources. In order for parents to book an appointment, they have to inform school of their request. The SENCO will then ring RANS and book the appointment on the parent’s behalf. Dates for the monthly HUBS are advertised through a flyer, this is advertised in schools and through the Local offer.

TASC coffee mornings for parents and professionals

TASC also hold coffee mornings for parents, this is an excellent opportunity to meet with other parents of children either with a diagnosis of ASC or are under assessment. It prides itself of being both relaxed and informal. Dates for the coffee mornings are advertised through a flyer in schools and through the Local Offer. 

The team is also available for general advice via the telephone helpline (Wednesday 1.30pm to 4.15pm). Parent's and professionals can access this on 01706 926400.

Who to contact

Contact Name
Karen Slack
Contact Position
Team Leader
01706 926400

Where to go

Venue address
Number One Riverside
Smith Street
OL16 1XU

Time / Date Details

When is it on
Monday to Friday 8.45am to 4.45pm

Local Offer

Local Offer Ages
4-10 (Primary School)
11-16 (Secondary School)
Last Updated: 26/08/2021
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