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Disability Grants

Disability Grants is a directory to help you, your family or anyone you're supporting with a disability. Charities and Trusts provide funding towards the high cost of disability equipment, holidays, housing, days out and anything above and beyond the normal costs of everyday living.

About grants for the disabled

A grant is a financial donation or contribution. Unlike loans they do not have to be repaid. Many UK charities or trusts provide grants for the disabled, each with their own criteria for providing funds.

Grant money from charities and trusts is mainly provided to pay for things that cannot be paid for by government or local authorities. For example your local wheelchair centre will have limited funds and may not be able to fund the exact wheelchair you require.

They will provide the basic equipment but if you want a higher specification wheelchair you need to either buy it yourself or approach a charity or trust to assist with a grant. Trusts were often set up to provide for specific needs and may be part of a larger charitable foundation.

Grants we provide:

  • Grants for children
  • Grants for families
  • Grants for adults
  • Hoilday grants
  • Disability equipment
  • Grants for housing

Take a look at the website for further information and to search for grants.

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