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Action For Children

Action for Children is committed to helping the most vulnerable and neglected children and young people in the UK break through injustice, deprivation and inequality, so they can achieve their full potential. We have been working with the UK’s most vulnerable and neglected children since 1869. We were originally called the National Children’s Home, or NCH, until September 2008 when we changed our name to one that better describes what we do and what we value – Action for Children.

We believe all children and young people have unique potential and that they should have the support and opportunities they need to reach it. Action for Children helps nearly 156,000 children, young people and their families through nearly 420 projects across the UK. We also promote social justice by lobbying and campaigning for change.

Today, Action for Children is the leading UK provider of family and community centres, children's services in rural areas, services for disabled children and their families, and services for young people leaving care. We provide services in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, and we also support work in Southern Africa, the Caribbean and Central America.

Search our website to find your local Action For Children service.

Who to contact

01923 361 500

Where to go

Name of venue
Action For Children
Venue address
3 The Boulevard
Ascot Road
WD18 8AG
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