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We’ve been fighting loneliness and social isolation among older people for more than 50 years and we want to make sure we can continue to do so for the next 50 and beyond.

We work within your local community to set up regular social gatherings for small groups of people over 75, on their own, and hoping to find new ways to get out and about that suit them at this time of life.

What we do

As the ageing population continues to grow, so does the epidemic of loneliness among older people. We’re the only charity solely committed to tackling this problem by helping older people to re-engage with their communities through regular face to face contact, giving them a lifeline of friendship and vitally something to look forward to.  

We exist to bring older people together into social groups at a time in their lives when their social circles are diminishing.

Who to contact

0800 716 543
Last Updated: 28/04/2022
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