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Appletree School (Treatment Centre)

Appletree Treatment Centre provides high quality Therapeautic Care, Therapy and Education for girls and boys aged between 6 and 13 with social, emotional, mental health and associated learning difficulties. We now have 3 homes Appletree is home for up to 12 boys and girls, Fell House is home for up to 8 boys and girls, Willow Bank is home for up to 4 boys and girls.

How we can support you?

We aim to help establish safe base in the world, by helping them to:

  • Feel physically healthy and deserving of a safe, warm and comfortable place to live and learn
  • Gain sense of belonging and feel valued for who you are
  • Build healthy attachments with dependant adults
  • Experience good, close, warm and safe friendships

Our children can use this secure base to explore the world confidently:

  • Engage in the play, learning and experiences, which they may have missed at an earlier age
  • Engage in therapy, which enables them to process their feelings and experiences
  • Engage  in stimulating individualised education based on an appropriately modified national curriculum
  • Enjoy and achieve in a wide range of activities at home, school and in the local community

We aim to support them to:

  • Build self-confidence, emotional competence and resilience
  • Develop appropriate learning patterns and learn new skills
  • Develop self-management skills and positive self-perception

To the ultimate goal of supporting them to:

  • Become motivated, independent learners
  • Gain a sense of social responsibility and moral values
  • Understanding their own culture and heritage, and learn to value that of others

Who to contact

015395 60253

Where to go

Venue address
Appletree School

Local Offer


Welcome to Appletree Treatment Centre, we have worked with a number of local authorities nationwide helping them take care of the Health, Education and Care needs of girls and boys with emotional and learning difficulties. This is usually due to early traumatic experiences.

Our high staff ratios and experienced teams enable us to provide a structured, therapeutic, twenty-four hour programme which focuses on helping children to form positive relationships. These relationships enable the children to increase their self-esteem, which in turn allows them to acquire the skills which they need to succeed in school and at home. We do not exclude children so they experience emotional or 'felt' security. 

Contact Name
Clair Davies, Principal
Contact Telephone
015395 60253
Contact Email

Local Offer Ages
4-10 (Primary School)
11-16 (Secondary School)
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