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Early Help Locality Teams

The Early Help Locality Team is a service working with children and young people to offer family support. It involves listening to you and your child to find out your child's needs, and what is working well in your child's life.

Practitioners please log in for further information and referral forms.

How can the team help my child?

We will help your child receive the right support at an early stage before their needs increase. As Early Help is a shared assessment, you and your child will not have to repeat the same story to different workers. The information you provide will only be shared with your consent unless there is a risk to your child.

An action plan, agreed with you and your child, is put into place to make sure your child gets the right sort of help. Early Help assessments are voluntary - you and your child can choose to be involved.

If you would like extra support for your child or family please contact your local Early Help Team.

Find your local Early Help Team

Rochdale Locality Team

Lock 50 Oldham Road Rochdale OL16 5RD

Tel: 01706 925200


Pennine Locality Team

Littleborough Children’s Centre Denhurst Road Littleborough OL15 9LD

Tel: 01706 922600


Heywood Locality Team

Derby Street Children’s Centre Derby Street Heywood OL10 4QJ

Tel: 01706 927500


Middleton Locality Team

Langley Children’s Centre Windermere Road Middleton M24 4LA

Tel: 0161 662 5100


Who to contact


Time / Date Details

Session Information
Monday to Friday 8.45am to 5pm
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